How to join CROC

1. Click on the Reference-Schedule link and decide on what timeslot you and your band wants.

2. Click Login in the top/right corner of the website and register a user.

3. While logged in,¬† click “Band signup form” (Only one per band)

4. Make sure every member in the band registers on the website and fills in what band they belong to.

5. After having completed the “band signup” form the member administrator will contact you with payment information. (IF YOU WERE AT THE CROC MEETINGS AND GO PAY STRAIGHT AWAY INSTEAD, DONT WAIT FOR CONTACT)

6. Once your payment is registered, your names will be put on the access list, and you may now recieve your key tag from HA at Kårservice. Make sure that HA puts your access on the key tag.

7. Your website user will be granted access to the rehearsal room booking system.

8. Go to the CROC Facebook group and join for updates regarding CROC. facebook group.
Here are the current prices for each timeslot.