CROC – Chalmers Rock Club

CROC is a music committee that want to make it easier for Chalmers students to join a band by having easy and affordable access to a fully equipped rehearsal room! Our rehearsal is located in the basement of the Student Union building at campus Johanneberg and our members also benefit from the possibility of borrowing our extensive live kit free of charge (!).


Below, you can read about the different posts of the CROC board and find out more about what we do. If you find our work interesting or have any suggestions on how we can improve, please contact us! We are always looking for new recruits and also people that might not want a specific position, but still want to help out sometimes.


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The Big Dog

Alexander “Zlatan” Winald

As Chairman of CROC, I have the main responsibility for our committee. I organize and call to semester meetings, handle collaboration with other committees, keep our members up to date and handle issues that do not fall under the responsibility of the other board members. It is also my job to kick the others in the butt when they’re lazy.


The Tech

Magnus Fant

As Equipment Manager for the rehearsal room of CROC, I care for our equipment and instruments in the rehearsal room and ensure everything is functional and in good condition. When I’m not in the rehearsal room, I’m probably at the Andreasson Music store, looking for new equipment to update the rehearsal. I also make sure that our endless supply of cables, strings and drumsticks never run out and when something breaks, I’m the one you should call.


The Roadie

Olle Månsson

As Live Kit Manager of CROC, it is my task to look after our precious live kit and keep it in good condition. I handle its bookings and get to hang out with the Tech at the Andreasson Music store to buy new stuff for the kit when it needs updating. I aim to provide our members with an easily accessible, nice set of equipment for their live performances!


The High Roller

Erik Strandberg

As Cashier of CROC, it is my task to handle the committee’s finances. At the beginning of each semester, I am the one who makes sure that we receive payment from our members and I also handle the budget for investing in new equipment and instruments. I have the last say in everything that is bought for our rehearsal room and live kit.

As also the Membership Manager of CROC, I handle most of the contact with our members and if you send us a message at Facebook, I’ll probably be the one answering. At the beginning of each semester, I work together with the student union to makes sure our members get access to our rehearsal and can start jamming. If there are any questions regarding access, joining a band or the interpretation of our rules, I’m your guy.


The Hacker

Fahad  “Frygian” Lafta

As the Web Manager of CROC, my main responsibility is to keep our brand new website up and running. It is my responsibility to make sure that information from us in the board reaches out to all CROC members.


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You may of course show interest in board positions that are already appointed. We cannot stay forever and we are always open to welcoming new people to the committee as we are a student committee that is dependent on our members’ engagement 🙂


Contact information

The Board
Chairman: Alexander Winald E-mail:
Membership issues: Erik Strandberg E-mail:
Cashier: Erik Strandberg E-mail:
Equipment manager (rehearsal room): Magnus Fant E-mail:
Equipment manager (live kit): Olle Månsson E-mail:
Web manager: Fahad Lafta E-mail:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your first point of contact should be through facebook group. If you don’t receive an answer there, then email your question to one of the addresses above (depending on what your question is about).