CROC – Chalmers Rock Club
CROC – Chalmers Rock Club

Live Kit Booking

We provide a live kit for our members that you can rent for free! It includes various technical equipment and instrument. Below, you can see the current status of what we provide.

Book the live kit

To book the live kit, use the google sheets form below. If you have any questions, please contact the board!


What does it cost?
Everything in the live kit is currently free to book for 0 SEK for our members. However, you are responsible to pay for any damages or missing gear that occurs during your rental period. If you are a Chalmers committee or student association however, we usually take a rental fee which depends on the amount of days and what you want to rent. Just contact us for more information.

When can I get the equipment?
Usually, we rent out at lunchtime the same day, and you expect to return everything at lunchtime the day after. However, we can be flexible with the times and this can be agreed with us. Just write to us a few days before and we can choose an appropriate time together.

Is a deposit required?
Yes, we do enforce a deposit of 1000 SEK by Swish, regardless of what you want to rent. If you return everything on time, you will get the full deposit back directly when you return the equipment and we have checked that it is working in good condition.