CROC – Chalmers Rock Club
CROC – Chalmers Rock Club

Rehearsal Booking

Please be aware of the following booking rules:

  • Time slots can be booked 8 days in advance.
  • Other bands’ priority slots can be booked only if they are empty 6 days before the scheduled time, i.e. at earliest 6x24h before the end time of the slot.
  • Example: Book another band’s time slot Sunday 11-14 can be done at earliest Monday 14.00.
  • If you book somebody else’s priority slot, leave your contact details.
  • Be nice: If you can’t make your booked time cancel it ASAP.
  • Be nice: Give other people some leeway on booking their priority slots.
If you find the rehearsal room left in a bad condition, or if any equipment is missing, broken or malfunctioning, please contact the board immediately!

Problem with access?

If you have paid your membership fee, but your access still doesn’t work, please report to us using the form below. Unfortunately, we do not manage the IT systems ourselves – it is the union that can enable access. We do however report all access issues to them.

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